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Flüchtlingshilfe Löningen

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In English

Baking and making Christmas decorations together is great fun

“I would never have tried to get into contact with refugees on my own! But now I had a lot of fun with them” said a woman after helping to organize the activity afternoon in the parish hall a week before Christmas.

About 20 children from refugee families living in Löningen and from the “children’s church” filled the parish hall of the local Trinitatis Church with cheerful noise and the smell of freshly baked cakes. Some of the kids had brought their parents who just joined in the activities with their children. Everything had been prepared by 20 volunteers:

On the first floor kids rolled out the pastry, cut out biscuits and later decorated them with coloured crumbles.

In a different room (on the ground floor) children and adults busily cut out stars from thin card board and glued coloured transparent paper on them. Some of the stars were stuck on the hall windows right away, others were taken home by the families involved in the event.

In another room children liked to decorate sandwich bags in different colours to use them with a tealight for table decoration. Meanwhile the adults had a cup of tea or coffee and the kids enjoyed their fruit juice. Of course, we all tried the freshly baked and tasty biscuits and each child was allowed to take a small bag of them home.

To address each other by name for many little conversations we used nameplates.