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Flüchtlingshilfe Löningen

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Möbelaktion Realschule/Soz. Briefkasten: In English

In English

Our class teacher Manuel Peters had planned a social project right before the autumn break to help indigent refugees in Löningen and to strengthen the bond within class. On November 5th we implemented a project to support the "Social Mailbox". That morning we met, as usual, at 8am in our classroom. Just a few minutes later we arrived on foot at the "Social Mailbox" where Mrs Bruns and her collegues met us with a warm response. Mayor Marcus Willen, 1st alderman Thomas Willen, employees of the social assistance Office and the builder's yard and Mr Hesener joined in for group pictures. In the next step the boys and girls were devided into two groups. The girls' task was to wash dishes and housewares and to store them afterwards in self-made cupboards. Others helped to sort toys and books. Another small group prepared a breakfast. The boys loaded and unloaded trailers, furnished flats and arranged furniture. At 9:30am all helpers came together to have a breakfast with bread rolls, fruits, warm and cold drinks. After breakfast the work continued. Everybody had fun helping on that project and put a lot of effort into it. Teamwork was the key. With kindly support of some adults we were brought to the old laundry shop Schulte where we had a delicoius soup, fruits and rolls for lunch which was offered by the "Social Mailbox". After a short break and a few talks we were brought back to finish the work with new energy. At the end we cleaned up everything and put the final touches on. It was a day rich in variety which was very different to a normal school day with lots of fun. We would appreciate more support for incoming refugees.